I am a textile designer specialising in hand screen printing and embroidery. My work always has a narrative at it’s core and is steeped in Shetland and personal family traditions. This history is realised in making things that tell those stories. The entire body of my work is in the re-creation of intimate and nostalgic objects. My work also illustrates and realises a contemporary personal story and a strong desire to promote and carry on into the future, the ways of the past.

Drawing is an important means of expressing this. My drawings come from things I remember from my childhood, such as the boats little boys would repeatedly draw. I love naïve drawing and art brut.

My collections involve re-working found fabrics and ephemera. I like to use very fine and rare fabrics, things that are difficult to find today such as silk stockings and ww2 silk parachutes. I am interested in the intimacy of old fabric, to keep the character of the old cloth but yet to infuse it with a new modernity and style.

I do everything by hand as I love the uniqueness this produces and I feel it enhances the history of the piece. Each piece that is made is unique and one-off, due to the rarity of sourcing the fabrics. Therefore no item can be reproduced exactly. It is this unique nature that makes each piece so special.